Friday, June 22, 2007

Alice and Martha

Film synopsis

Alice and Martha earn their living at a tedious delivery job. As you follow them through their day, against the backdrop of a generic city [Vancouver], Martha monopolizes the conversation with her nostalgic memories of the old country, her disenchantment of modern-day life, and her dreams of escape. Alice’s pent up anxieties and emotions translate into anger as she is forced to respond to Martha’s antics. She wonders if she’ll be able to keep it together in the presence of her overbearing companion whose observations force her to question such a mundane existence. To what lengths will they go in escaping their repetitive daily lives?

31 minutes


Alice Natasha McHardy
Martha Marina Roy
Security guard Graham Meisner

Camera Marina Roy
Editing Marina Roy, Natasha McHardy, Abbas Akhavan
Sound editing Marina Roy, Natasha McHardy, Laura Lee Schultz

Special thanks to
Marilyn and Daryl McHardy and Marisse Aguilar

Funding of this project was made possible by:
Hampton Fund Research Grant, University of British Columbia

Screening History:
New York International Independent Film and Video Festival: July 2007

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